Blog To Great

Make A Good Online Marketing Plan

In addition to knowing where you want to go, you need to have a plan detailing the necessary strategies for this.

Remembering that this is a flexible document, that is, it is possible to change it whenever necessary when noticing that something is not working as desired.

Have a blog

According to a Hubspot survey , about 53% of marketers say maintaining a blog is the top priority of their inbound marketing strategies.

Having a blog is essential for the better ranking of your site in the results of search engines, generating more traffic.

It is also a good way to answer your audience’s questions naturally, showing that your company has authority on the subject.

 Produce quality content

Producing quality content is your best bet if you want sustainable growth. You can do anything to get people to your site, but it’s a complete waste of time if you can’t keep them attracted by what they read.

Google follows perfecting their algorithms to improve the visitors ‘ experience. And this is reflected in the results that he presents as a suggestion to user surveys.

In other words, it ends up forcing companies to create content that involves people in order to achieve a good ranking and be found on the web.

 Don’t forget about SEO

This is a bit more technical, but it shouldn’t be ignored.

Good SEO practices are one of the elements that most influence organic traffic.

When it comes to SEO for your blog posts, optimization should be an ongoing strategy.

And that includes:

Use keywords in the post URL

Use long-tail keywords throughout the text

Include multimedia material in your content (photos, diagrams, videos, etc.)

Include links with other relevant content, from the blog itself or from partner sites

Add social sharing buttons.

Invest in social networks

Today it is difficult to find someone who is not part of at least some social network.

Therefore, having the profile on the channels most used by your audience is essential to create a bond with them.

This enables the dissemination and viralization of the content produced and a much more direct and humanized communication between the company and the customer. It’s just not worth leaving the customer waiting too long for an answer.

In addition, with the right tools, you can monitor what they say about your company on social networks and thus try to reverse negative situations.

Email marketing

Together with social networks, email marketing is an excellent channel of communication with customers.

Thanks to the tools available on the market, it is possible to personalize the message in such a way as to create a feeling of exclusivity for the customer and to strengthen the relationship between you.

Not to mention that the method is great for spreading news on the blog through a newsletter , sending exclusive offers and nurturing leads until the moment of conversion through marketing automation.

 Sell benefits, not products

When browsing the internet, the user does not want to be bombarded by advertisements. No wonder there are tools like AdBlock to block advertisements.

Therefore, your approach must have a much less commercial commercial appeal. In other words, the ideal is to make it clear to the visitor the benefits provided by your product or service.

In addition, a more “friendly” approach helps to create a more lasting relationship with customers.