Online Marketing: Check Out Tips To Create Successful Strategies

In the middle of the 21st century, it is unthinkable for a company that wants to grow and remain in the  online market without having an active participation on the internet. However, there was a time when having a profile on social networks was enough to attract the public.

Nowadays it is important to have a strong presence on the …

Online Marketing Reaches A Wider Audience

Since digital marketing takes place online, it is accessible to a global audience.Considering that, with traditional marketing, you are usually limited to a geographical area, digital marketing allows you to reach a much larger audience, which is done through effective means.

Easy to optimize

One of the benefits of digital marketing is the possibility of having several reports with different …

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Do you know what is the most appropriate marketing model to increase sales for a business? In fact, this is a difficult question to answer, after all, choosing the best option for each company depends on a number of factors.

Some will say that it is traditional marketing, that aimed at classic media such as TV and newspapers. Others will …

Online Marketing Know Each Step Of Your Sales Funnel

Do you know your company ‘s sales funnel ? If you don’t already know, it’s time to learn more about your company. The funnel is a tool that facilitates intelligent management of your sales opportunities.

In terms of digital marketing, this means attracting more people who still don’t know your business through your content, working and nurturing those prospects until …

How Does Digital Marketing Work? 5 Indispensable Strategies

Digital marketing works through its strategies. Between them:

  • e-mail marketing;
  • Inbound marketing;
  • content marketing;
  • IF THE;
  • sponsored links;
  • social networks. 

Get to know each one below!

1. Email Marketing

Since we touched on the subject of return on investment, we decided to start our list of digital marketing tools with email marketing , which is the strategy with the highest …

What is SEO?

SEO is the set of optimization strategies for websites, blogs and web pages that aims to improve its positioning in the organic results of search engines.

It stands for Search Engine Optimization , which means search engine optimization.

Every second, millions of searches are done on search engines – especially on Google, the most widely used search engine in the …

Make A Good Online Marketing Plan

In addition to knowing where you want to go, you need to have a plan detailing the necessary strategies for this.

Remembering that this is a flexible document, that is, it is possible to change it whenever necessary when noticing that something is not working as desired.

Have a blog

According to a Hubspot survey , about 53% of marketers …

Digital Marketing Glossary

The digital marketing is full of concepts and technicalities. You need to know them  to understand how online marketing works . Here are some concepts that may come up during your research and learning about digital marketing.


A website is a virtual place on the internet that stores content about your company, products and services. It’s that simple. When …

How Digital Marketing Came About

Digital marketing, as you might imagine, was born with the explosion of the internet in the 1990s, when personal computers and dial-up connections began to invade the homes of millions of people.

At that time, the technology was very limited and the pages quite simple. The interaction between companies and customers was practically non-existent and communication was unilateral. It was …